Dowen Jocson is a PhD candidate in the Entomology Program at Washington State University under the mentorship of Dr. Elizabeth Beers and Dr. David Crowder. She is interested in using acoustics, specifically substrate-borne vibrations for mate disruption in a pest of pear, Cacopsylla pyricola.

Currently, she is on her 5th year of the program. She has successfully recorded the male songs produced by the pear psylla, which has not been previously recorded. Songs of C. pyricola sound similar to songs of their close relative C. pyri; both pests of pear.

Dowen received her Master of Science in Biology from Saint Louis University advised by Dr. Kasey Fowler-Finn. Her thesis investigated the temperature effects on mating behaviors of Enchenopa binotata treehoppers. She also received her Bachelor of Science in Biology: Plant Science track from Saint Louis University where she did her undergraduate research on the reproductive success of two color morphs of Viola pedata following controlled burns under the supervision of Dr. Peter Bernhardt.

Dowen Jocson with her pear plants in a greenhouse.


Noah Leith observing treehoppers in a greenhouse.

Leith, N.T., Jocson, D.I., Fowler-Finn, K.D. 2019. Temperature-related breakdowns in the coordination of mating in Enchenopa binotata treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae). Ethology. Published

Dowen Jocson and Dr. Fowler-Finn observing treehoppers in the field.

Jocson, D.I., Smeester, M., Leith, N.T., Macchiano, A., Fowler-Finn, K.D. 2019. Temperature coupling of mate attraction signals and female mate preferences in four populations of Enchenopa treehopper (Hemiptera: Membracidae). Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Published [PDF]

Viola pedata flowers.

Bernhardt, P., Edens-Meier, R., Jocson, D., Zweck, J., Ren, Z., Camilo, G.R., Arduser, M. 2016. Comparative floral ecology of bicolor and concolor morphs of Viola pedata (Violaceae) following controlled burning. Journal of Pollination Ecology. Published [PDF]


Dowen Jocson speaking with growers at the Tree Fruit Research Extension Center Sunrise Field Day.

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Dowen Jocson
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